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Data for 2016

Last year Deeside generated approximately 601 GWh.

In order to generate this electricity Deeside burnt 1214 GWh of natural gas

This gas is delivered at a pressure of 26 bar.

Emissions to air:

CO – 210 tonnes, CO2 – 248,853 tonnes

NOx – 248 tonnes, SO2 – 1.2 tonnes

We abstracted 789,294 m3 of water from the River Dee.

This is to condense the steam from the steam turbine.

Some of this water evaporates in the towers, and we returned 327,205 m3, a few degrees warmer but within defined limits.

We used 57,690 m3 of town mains water last year for generating steam to produce electricity from the steam turbine.

Total waste produced: 21 tonnes

Waste recycled: 10 tonnes

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