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Environment - Natural Gas

The fuel for Deeside comes from the National Transmission system from a variety of sources including gas from the North Sea.

At Deeside the gas is filtered, metered and reduced in pressure to 26 bar. At full output the station burns 20 kg of gas a second. The gas is burned with air at high pressure. The hot gases (1100º C) pass through the gas turbine, where much of their energy is converted into mechanical energy, driving the generator to produce electricity.

Photo of gas burners

The exhaust gas, leaving the turbine at 525º C, passes into a heat recovery steam generator, where the gas gives up more heat, turning water into steam, which drives the steam turbine.

The exhaust steam from the steam turbine is condensed back into water in the condenser using water from the River Dee. This water is recirculated and is cooled using cooling towers.


Environmental Data for 2016

Gas consumed: 1214 GWh


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