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Power with Care

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Compared with an equivalent sized coal- or oil-fired power station Deeside Power produces around half the carbon dioxide, a gas linked to global warming known as the "greenhouse effect". There are virtually no emissions of sulphur dioxide, and less than a fifth the amount of oxides of nitrogen, gases believed to be factors in the formation of acid rain. In addition, there is no disposal of waste products such as ash or dust.

The station complies with the limits set for the emission of combustion gases by Natural Resources Wales (formerly the Environment Agency) and in all its activities is conscious of its environmental responsibilities.

The selection of a special design of cooling tower at Deeside means that throughout most of the year virtually no water vapour plume from the towers is visible.

The staff at Deeside are very aware of the station's position at the head of the ecologically sensitive estuary of the River Dee. This area is an internationally designated bird sanctuary famous for providing a home at different times of the year for many different species including curlew, redshank and oystercatcher. Any discharges the station makes to the river of cooling water or other liquids are covered by consents granted by the Environment Agency.

Deeside Power (UK) has in the past funded redevelopment and landscaping work on the banks of the River Dee in order to enhance the environment of the estuary and has contributed to many local environmental projects.

This web page has replaced an annual performance report formerly posted to local people and any interested parties.


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