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DEESIDE POWER - Power From Gas

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Deeside Power Station produces 500 megawatts of electricity, enough to meet the needs of some 500,000 people. This is more than the population of Flintshire and four times that of the city of Chester.

At present gas is transported to the site through the British Gas National Transmission Network. It is burnt at Deeside to power gas turbines and their associated generators to produce electricity. The gas turbine waste gases are then fed to heat recovery to produce even more electricity.

In this way a CCGT can convert fuel to electricity at an efficiency of more than 50% compared with around 38% in a new coal-fired power station.

photo of Deeside Power Station

Cooling water, used to condense the steam exhausting from the steam turbine, is taken from the River Dee and is transferred to low level cooling towers to be cooled for re-use in the station. Any water returned to the river has to conform to standards set by the Environment Agency. This is particularly important, as the Dee estuary is an internationally designated bird sanctuary.

The £200 million power station was designed and constructed by the international engineering company Alstom Power. The station only took two years to build and began full commercial operation in November 1994.

For a more detailed explanation of electricity generation at Deeside Power Station go to our OPERATIONS page.

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