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OPERATIONS - Introduction

Take two gas turbines - giant, industrial versions of the jet engines that power airliners - and two generators. Add two boilers, a steam turbine and a third generator. Now you have all the ingredients for Deeside Power Station, a station fit for the 21st century that can generate enough electricity for a half a million people.

But as in all recipes, preparation takes time and skill: engineering, commercial, project management and operation expertise is needed to run a sophisticated and complex power station.

In principle, generating electricity is simple. As Michael Faraday demonstrated in 1831, rotate a coil of wire in a magnetic field and you produce electricity. On a larger scale that is what happens in the generators at Deeside Power Station but here the magnetic field is rotated and the coil stays still.

In practice, Deeside Power station is complex because we need to maximise efficiency, to get as much electricity as possible from the fuel that we burn (gas) and to minimise other costs so we generate electricity as cheaply as possible.

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