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DEESIDE POWER - OPERATIONS - Re-Cycled Water - Cooling Towers

Animated GIF of Deeside Power Station cooling towers

The tower design incorporates a combination of wet and dry cooling sections and a 10 meter (32 feet) diameter fan housed in a single cell.

Hot cooling water returning from the condenser flows through four radiators, at the top cell, then into the spray bars that spay the water onto trickle packing and then into the culvert below.

Air is drawn up through the packing where it cools the falling water. Eliminators remove more than 99% of water droplets carried up from the packing; the saturated air is then mixed with the warm air drawn through the radiators. The combined air flows through the fan into the atmosphere and since it had been warmed by the dry air from the radiator section, no visible plume can be seen for an estimated 95% of the year.

River Dee varies in its salt content aluminium bronze is used in those parts of the towers which come into contact with salt water. The special plastic packing material used in the cooling tower is designed to withstand any fouling by river silt.

When water is returned to the river its temperature must not have increased by more than 14ยบ Centigrade so as not to affect fish life.

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