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The exhaust gases from the gas turbines pass through the two 22 meter (72ft) high heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) where water is turned into steam to drive a single steam turbine generator.

The HRSG is a large chamber, which contains 161 kilometres (100 miles) of finned tubing. Water flowing through the tubes is heated by the hot exhaust gases which are at a temperature of 525º centigrade. To maximise the amount of heat recovered, the HRSG is designed to produce steam at different pressures and temperatures. High-pressure steam at 105 bar and 502 degrees centigrade is produced in tubing at the bottom of the HRSG where the exhaust gases are hottest. Medium pressure steam at 20 bar and 502º centigrade and low-pressure steam at 5.5 bar and 164º centigrade are created higher up the HRSG where the gases are cooler.

photo of Deeside Power Station steam generator


At full load the HRSG converts

280 tonnes of water an hour into steam.



The waste gases from this process are then discharged up the chimney into the atmosphere at a temperature of 100º centigrade.

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