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Steam from the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) drives the single steam turbine which has a power output of up to 176 megawatts of electricity from its associated generator. The turbine consists of a combined high pressure and medium pressure stage and a single low-pressure stage.

The high-pressure superheated steam at 500º centigrade from the HRSG is fed into the turbine through control valves. As it loses temperature and pressure it turns the turbine rotor at 3000 revolutions a minute.

photo of Deeside Power Station steam turbine

The steam leaves the high pressure and medium pressure stages and is mixed with the low-pressure steam from the HRSG, which is at a temperature of 164º centigrade, before entering the low-pressure stage of the turbine. This provides even more power to turn the rotor and achieve even greater efficiency.

The turbine rotor is linked to the generator rotor which, as in the gas turbine generators, is an electro magnet that induces an electric current in the copper conductor bars of the generator stator at a voltage of 16,000 volts. The voltage is raised to 400,000 volts in the generator transformer for transmission on the National Grid.

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